Developing Your Products

Developing Your Product 

Mrs. Auld’s offers a free preliminary consultation. Let us help take some of the confusion out of getting started with a copacker. 

  1. Step One is a “Non-Disclosure” agreement. Both parties will sign this agreement assuring your “secret recipes” will remain a secret. 
  2. We will need to see your recipe. Make sure to include specific ingredients (preferred brands) or characteristics, and their weight in grams or ounces. This will allow us to determine if your product contains any allergens or food safety concerns (pH). 
  3. You will send us at least two containers of each product. If you already have an idea what type of jar/bottle you would like to use, try to send your product in a similar container. We will test your product to make sure it meets acceptable pH standards. 

  As your potential copacker, we take pride in our friendly and fast service. We know how hard it is to get to that next step. We have over 30 years of experience in everything from copacking your products to private label items to sure up your stock. Let’s do some business!

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