Mrs. Aulds Nevada BBQ Rub

Mrs. Aulds Nevada BBQ Rub

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Mrs. Auld focused on enhancing the natural flavors of meat, rather than dominating them when creating this rub. Too many rubs and seasonings take over the flavor of the meat rather than complimenting the tastes. After many different variations and experiments, we found the perfect blend.

The cayenne peppers, brown sugar and a pinch of  garlic salt work together to bring a little more flavor to, but doesn't over the meat. The cumin and extra spices give the rub a more unique taste that everyone will remember.

  • Bring out the best in all the meat you can think of
  • Perfect balance between heat and sweet
  • Grill like a pro with our rub used in restaurants and grilling competitions on the west coast
  • Mrs. Auld with the help of her son, spent years on the grill trying to find the right combination, here it is


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