Mrs Aulds Gourmet Strawberry Jam

Mrs Aulds Gourmet Strawberry Jam

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The secret to our jam is the tremendous taste of our blueberries mixed with the perfect amount of sugar and lemon.

This recipe, like all the ones before has been the result of years tinkering and changing quantities and ingredients. Mrs. Auld herself still uses this jam on her morning toast. She came up with this recipe in the 80's and her jam was always a hit at food shows.

Add our delicious jam to your morning pancakes. Top your morning muffin or toast with a great tasting, home made jam.

You haven't had a truly amazing pb&j since childhood, treat yourself with our Gourmet Jams. Once you try Gourmet, it's hard to go back to smuckers.

No Artificial Flavors

Mrs Auld designed this recipe herself almost 30 years ago. She's proud to offer to you and she's knows you'll love it!

Package includes - 1 6oz jar of Mrs. Aulds Gourmet Jam