Nevada Heat Hot Sauce

Nevada Heat Hot Sauce

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A good hot sauce needs to bring the heat but still add flavor to the food. Our sauce brings the heat of the world renowned ghost pepper with a sweet blend flavors and spices that took years to perfect.

The heat of the Ghost Pepper combined with Habaneros and Cayenne is sure to melt your mouth.  This sauce is HOT!!! Even the seasoned veterans will have their eyes watering afree the first few bites. Not for those who still have all ther tastebuds!

No Chemicals or Artificial Ingredients are added to any of our sauces. You can taste cheap products, that's why we use only the best ingredients in all our sauces. When we say Gourmet Foods, we mean it!

High Quality and All Natural -  Mrs. Aulds prides itself on the quality of our products. In 31 years of business, we learned that providing quality goods is the only way to keep customers coming back. 

This product is Very Hot!! Ghost pepper is certainly no joke and that's not even the only pepper we use in here! ***Be Cartful***

Satisfaction Guarantee - If you have any problems with the suace just send it back and we will give you a full refund. Returns made of empty jars will not result in a refund.

Ingredients in no particular order: Ghost Pepper, Habanero pepper, Cayenne pepper, brown sugar, spices, carrot juice, garlic


Item weight - 5oz

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Package Inlcudes - 1 5oz bottle of Nevada Heat Hot Sauce